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Exhibition Center's Billboard

In the field of outdoor advertising billboards are probably the most effective and most used advertising instruments all around the world. They are relatively large structures with a combination of metal, colors and designs, which amazes the eyes of the visitors.

As visitors can only walk at Tehran International Exhibition Center the only way for them to not see the billboards is to close their eyes.

Companies that intend to participate in the exhibition distinctly would usually choose to rent advertisement billboards by choosing messages, statistics, shocking statements, slogans, effective images or just by having their name and logo would invite visitors to their stands, which can distinguish them from their competitors and give them the best results from the show.




Lamppost Banner

Lamppost Banner is one of the most beautiful instrument that is being used for advertisement in the exhibitions centers all around the world, which can dictate short messages and slogans to the visitors and can save a picture of the company’s logo in their minds, these banners are currently known in most countries as a great advertising tool that are very much efficient and useful. Given that Tehran International Exhibition Center is located in the streets of Seoul these banners are considered as the leading advertising materials at the exhibition center entrance which creates a great first impression for the visitors.

Exhibition's Radio

One of the most important methods of informing your company’s presence and participation in trade fairs are radio advertising within the exhibition area.

Tehran International Exhibitions Center’s radio has always been a great method to invite visitors to your company’s stand and it has always been a fruitful method considering its cost.

Radio advertising in Tehran International Exhibition Center utilizes the most prominent and best speakers of Islamic Republic of Iran National TV which means that the visitors would hear a familiar voice with unfamiliar words that can be very effective to gain their attention.

- Ability to create custom radio teaser with voice of famous speakers for companies

- Ability to broadcast radio teaser made ​​by the company itself

Above mentioned points are the facilities we provide in order to create a much better and different method of attracting attention for companies, we also give consultancies to our customers in order to choose the best words and sentences in order to attract more visitors to their stands.




Advertising Balloons

Very wide field of view make them to be seen from anywhere in Tehran International Exhibition Center, presented with a fairly unconventional structure makes them a very popular item in the advertising environment.

With balloons your brand and logo rises up to the sky and positions you in top and a position which your competitors can’t reach! For companies that have experienced some kind of fantasy in advertising or want to experience this method of advertisement, balloons are the best methods.

Another advantage of balloons is that their location is chosen based on location of the company’s stand and they have visibility in all over the exhibition center.


Exhibition's Private Road Billboards

Exhibition center has a dedicated road which always contains high traffic and pedestrians, this is a private road known as the path used by the majority of exhibition visitors and entry of all Government Officials, VIP and CIP would be from this road which creates a unique package in order to attract all of the exhibition’s visitors to your company. This advertising instrument would usually be fully booked sooner than any other advertising materials and giant companies and sponsors are always competing in order to book these billboards earlier.



Space Banner

Space banner’s conventional and functional structures have made it to become one of the most widely used advertisement material at the exhibition center, which is like a large picture frame and steals the sight of the audiences and visitors. Since it is positioned on the ground it is closer to the visitors view and attracts more attention.

One of the most important advantages of space banner is that there could be many of them around the exhibition center in huge sizes which can gain huge attention.


Urban Billboards

In the field of city advertising, billboards are the most effective and most used advertising instruments all around the world, these billboards are located in the most populated locations around the city which can introduce your company and its participation at the show to over ONE MILLION audiences during the advertising period



28m long TV

This 28m long TV at the Tehran International Exhibition Center has always been one of the most influential and effective advertising instruments at the exhibition center.

Ability to show an advertising clip or video at the exhibition center is one of the best facilities to introduce your company and its products or services.

It is worth to mention that this TV is the only one located at Tehran International Exhibition Center which makes it much more premium and a great method to have a more distinct type of advertisements.

Your ads can be from minimum 5 minutes to maximum 30 minutes and they need to be in either Format: mp4, Avi, Mpeg.

The clip can be with sound or without sound and in case you are choosing to have a soundless clip then the video must be illustrative and captions may be used to provide information to the audiences and visitors.

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