The 23rd International Paint, Resin, Coatings, Composites and Plating Industries Fair

| IPCC 2023 |

The International Paint, Resin, Coatings, Composites and Plating Industries fair “IPCC” with around 288 direct exhibitors who are representing over 1950 companies from 21 countries in covered area of 27,622 square meter is by far the biggest coating exhibition in the Middle East.

IPCC as the leading coating exhibition in the region has been fruitfully held by Banian Omid Co. for the past 22 years and it has always benefited from cooperation with private and governmental organizations, associations and NGOs.

Taking IPCC’s statistics into account, it has shown a very steady and gradual rise in its first 12 editions. However in 2013 those numbers have escalated dramatically, not only the number of local exhibitors has almost doubled, but it has also recorded 237% increase in number of foreign participators. From 2013 to 2022 number of exhibitors has been the same due to the limited exhibition space but number of visitors and supplementary event like B2B meeting and conferences has risen every year.

In the coming edition Iran Coating Show would concentrate even more on Startups and we will hold Innovating conferences in order to introduce new ideas to the market.

1,648,000km2 area, population around 80,000,000, extraordinary geopolitics situation and its rich resources contribute Iran to become one of the most suitable market for Coating industries.

23rd edition will take place in Tehran Permanent Fairground starting from 4-7 December 2023, the show will be hold in the following halls: 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,27,25a,25b,25c,25d in an area around 30,000sqm.

23rd Iran Coating Show Poster | IPCC 2023

Iran’s core competencies in coating industries:

  • Iran is considered as an emerging market with a steady rise in number of local industries and coating which is an essential part of almost every production. Which provides almost unlimited demand for coatings
  • Iran has one of the largest oil resources in the world, which contribute to fast and unlimited access to raw material. Therefore not only the price of raw material would be highly competitive, but also producers would save a lot on transportation and logistics.
  • Iran is located in the heart of middle east and borders the Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, and Gulf of Oman. It also shares border with Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey and Turkmenistan. Therefore production in this area would be highly accessible for surrounding countries and to the world.
  • This huge consumer market has been a heaven for producers and service providers. Different products and service with various qualities and prices have managed to obtain considerable market share.



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The Biggest Coating Exhibition in the Middle East




4 - 7 December 2023


Tehran Permanent Fairground

Covered Area

30000 SQM

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The 22nd Iran Coating Show (IPCC 2022) Documentary Video

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